Chick Flick

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Recently I read a blog entry about what makes a film a "woman's film" ( a more polite way to get into this subject than my title.) , and whether this was a means to attract a certain audience. Mavra Stark,in her inimitable fashion, discussed this as well as other factors regarding the film "Mamma Mia" Here is my response which was delayed by the frenetic holidays: This past summer (while at the National Now Conference) a friend and I went to see "Mamma Mia." I have not seen the Broadway Show, however, I purchased the soundtrack because I like ABBA, and I related directly to the song about the young daughter leaving the house- as a child with a schoolbag, and later to live with a young lover while attempting to find out who her own father could be. So yes, you might call it a "women's movie" so what? just because it made lots of money, as do many films with a "Hollywood" budget, Most of my friends as well as my husband are not the typical movie-goers either, so we cannot really understand why this is a "women's film" Then, given those variables, men wouldn't like "South Pacific" or the King and I, and "Moulin Rouge" and "Chicago" or anything romantic and optimistic . Well, I guess dough can sometimes help those who need the publicity, but then with the money available, one can interview such stars as Meryl Streep and put her photo on a site and interpret her comments as feminist. If there had been a bad financial turnaround this picture would still have received marginal publicity. "and that ain't sad" the plight of the single mother who felt she had to marry a rich man in order to have fun and live freely as does her daughter.... "ain't that sad"? Ah," money money money" usually is a major theme in many films even musicals! "Cabaret" "Call me Madam" . and, let's face it.... it is usually the MAN who is in charge of the money and that "IS sad" So perhaps the publicity and this interview with The Bagger ( who is that?) could begin an interesting feminist paper for a student to write. Years ago I did that with Italian Films. The purse-strings control was and still is very different in each society or country or state. It shouldn't keep us from attending and enjoying certain films- neither should the man who sees a "women's" film or "chick flick " (ugh) be made to feel embarrassed.

Creativity- ? (what is this?)

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I have always been fascinated by the processes of artists-composers-writers. Is there something special in their genes? Genes- genius, to be able to generate something new and find a place somewehere for their creations . I am the child of a fashion designer and an artist who was not public. My mother made our living, my father was the painter and sculptor. His art was his refuge from the degenerating brain disease which took my mother from us while she was still alive. In the "New World" or the "Big Apple" my parents found solace in music as well. For her, the piano meant escape from the world which was slowly and steadily closing in on her. So when can we call someone a genius? There is a cut-off on the I Q numbering scale where "genius" would begin. The word "genesis" also means originate, beginning and For me a genius is someone who creates from her inner being, some call it channeling, others have the ability to do "automatic" writing. They say that they write while in another state (of the mind) Then there are the talented people who must w ork hard and practice for hours each day before mastering an art Are they creative- I believe so. Interpretations of a dance step may make the performer have a totally uique body image. The thoughts which are bringing about the words of this Blog are creative. I wish to explore how different artists might have used outside influences to blend with their talent in order to present us with his personality and the workings of the mind. Right now there is a brain drain and I will continue this at some point.

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This is a fantastic tool.  I am exploring the different features, do you have time to spend a few minutes ?  my first entry will be to welcome back those who   contributed to the NOOK when it was first out.  this is a test for me.

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